Privacy Policy

The following is the privacy policy of Friday Harbor Bike Fest:

Use of Identifying Information

The San Juan Island Lions Foundation and the San Juan Lions Club does not sell or otherwise provide the names, addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses of its participants to any third-parties except as needed to host Friday Harbor Bike Fest. This exception includes:

  • Providing information to Friday Harbor Bike Fest volunteers, even if not members of the San Juan Lions Club, to enable the volunteers to fulfill their duties for the event.
  • Providing information to our credit card processor to charge credit cards.

The San Juan Island Lions Foundation will use this identifying information only in furtherance of the Friday Harbor Bike Fest event in compliance with this privacy policy. In general, the Foundation will not send you mail or call you unless necessary to contact you about the event.

Credit Card Information

The San Juan Island Lions Foundation and the San Juan Lions Club will never see nor store your credit card number. In transactions to purchase tickets and merchandise, your web browser communicates directly with our credit card processor. No credit card numbers or other credit card information is received by or stored on our servers.

Email Address

When you register with Friday Harbor Bike Fest, whether you do so to purchase tickets or simply to receive notices about the event, Friday Harbor Bike Fest will, on occasion, email to you information that we believe you may find useful about the Friday Harbor Bike Fest event using the email address you have provided to us. These emails will be no more than once per month on average unless unexpected circumstances require additional notifications. Every email contains instructions at the bottom that you may use to opt-out of receiving these emails.

In addition, if you purchase tickets, Friday Harbor Bike Fest may email you if it is necessary to get in touch with you even if you have opted-out of general notices. We do not anticipate needing to do this in general.

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